Platform Upgrade

Benefits of upgrading

As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement, we're upgrading our platform. Our new platform is based on extensive customer research and the desire to innovate to meet the evolving needs of procurement and risk management teams.

Some of our new features:

  • Improved usability - Simpler navigation and self-serve options allowing you to update and amend your profile.
  • New features
    • Multi-device compatibility.
    • Dashboard displays a view of all the insights and data to help you benchmark your compliance.
    • Buyers can contact you directly through ‘Request Information’ to ask any additional questions about a tender opportunity. This new feature allows you to have a conversation through the platform.
  • Reduced admin time - Easy to update and maintain your information. Reduces the need for you to complete multiple questionnaires if your company is a member of multiple communities.

The upgrade process
Your current published information will be migrated in full. You will only need to carry out a quick review of your questionnaire when the new platform is live.

Prepare yourself for the upgrade process by attending an online upgrade training session with our Customer Success Team.

Platform freeze
In order to ensure secure migration of all information into the upgraded platform, we are restricting access to your current platform for 10 to 15 days before your upgrade. During this short period, you’ll have read-only access to your current profile and won’t be able to edit or change any questionnaire details. Please update any details before the freeze period starts.

If you have any concerns or questions about this freeze period please contact us.

When the upgrade is complete

We’ll let you know as soon as the upgrade is complete.

To make sure you are fully up to speed with the upgraded platform, we will ask you to login, create a new password, briefly review your questionnaire information and re-submit it. We expect this process will take no more than 30 minutes.

We recommend that you take the time now to set aside 30 minutes in your calendar on the day of your upgrade to login, check and resubmit your questionnaire.


Support and training
We have 30-minute sessions available for the 3 weeks before you upgrade date. You can book a time or date that suits you best and learn more about the great changes we’re making. During the session we'll walk through the new interface and navigation:

  • Overview of the common tasks you'll use the platform for
  • Guidance on how to get started once we upgrade you

We usually hold several webinars for several weeks before your upgrade to introduce the new platform. We'll be in contact with you throughout the entire process, so if you're unable to make one of the training sessions you can contact our team directly - contact us.