Suppliers: What is covered in my audit?

We have worked with your customers to develop industry specific audit protocols which cover a variety of topics. Typically, all audits will include some aspect of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Why do I need to have an audit?

You may be required to have an audit because of the services that you carry out. Using a risk model, your customers identify their suppliers who potentially pose the highest level of risk as a result of the activities or services they provide. The audit gives them a deeper level of assurance prior to working with you.

Will the audit be valid across all the communities we’re members of?

Communities work by giving buyers the assurance that they’re dealing with suppliers who meet their specific criteria. What’s important in one region or industry may be less so in another. With that in mind, our audits are only ever relevant to one community.

What do my audit results mean?

Your individual customer or client will use the audit report as a means of assessing your ability to work to the requirements of the industry or community. Some audit reports may have a series of findings or a percentage score and this outcome will be explained by the Auditor before they leave you.

Where can I find my audit report and certificate?

When your report has been published the primary contact listed on your profile will receive an email notification outlining the steps to either access or request a copy of your report and certificate.

Updated on 6th octubre 2021

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