Suppliers: Global Energy IAS Verify AUDIT FAQs

What does IAS stand for?

IAS stands for ‘Industry Audit Schedule’, this is the audit schedule of OGE suppliers who are registered against a High Risk Mandatory Audit Code(s), the IAS is supported and funded by the OGE Verify buyers.

What is the Oil And Gas IAS Verify audit?

Achilles Oil and Gas IAS Verify 1 Day audit is an onsite management system audit that covers Health & Safety and Environment. The Oil and Gas IAS Verify 2 Day audit is an onsite management system audit that covers Health & Safety, Environment (Day 1) and Quality and Competence & Training (Day 2). The Health, Safety and Environmental elements of the audits are assessed in line with recognised industry standards IOGP 423 & NORSOK S-WA-006:2018 (en).

The audit scope and duration follow the below schedule:

What are the benefits of participating in the Oil and Gas IAS Verify audit?

The Achilles Oil and Gas IAS Verify audits should reduce the burden of repetitive buyer audits by replacing them with a single shared audit which is valid on a supplier profile for two years. The scheme gives a supplier information on where they can make possible improvements and allows them to demonstrate ongoing improvements through a documented Improvement Plan. The audit results are displayed on the Oil and Gas database and enhance the quality of information displayed on the supplier’s record.

Do I need to complete a pre-visit submission?

There is no requirement to complete a pre-visit submission before your Global Energy IAS Verify 1 Day or Global Energy IAS Verify 2 Day audit. However, you will still be required to provide up to date H&S Performance Data prior to the audit.

Why are we required to go through the audit?

Suppliers who are registered under designated High-Risk Product and Service Codes (Mandatory Codes) are required to undergo an Global Energy IAS Verify audit. All Global Energy IAS buyers who subscribe to Global Energy Professional can also nominate specific suppliers to undergo the Global Energy IAS Verify audit. Any individual Global Energy buyer can also request the Global Energy IAS Verify audit to be undertaken on a supplier.

What is a Mandatory Code?

Several years ago, the Global Energy Verify buyers (formally FPAL Verify Buyers) agreed to introduce a verification process to ensure the right suppliers were being audited. This approach saw several Global Energy service codes being considered “high risk” which meant that for any suppliers registered under these “high risk” codes, it became mandatory to participate in the Verify audit.

The table below has the current Mandatory Codes listed but these may be added to in the future.

Can a supplier sponsor themselves through the audit?

Yes, any Global Energy registered supplier can pay and undergo a Global Energy Verify 1 Day or Oil and Gas Verify 2 Day Verify audit.

If we have multiple Global Energy registration records do they all need to be Verified?

Achilles Global Energy IAS Verify is a location-based audit. Participation will depend on the buyer request and which codes are included in the registrations. If a supplier has several Achilles OGE registrations, all of them might be requested to go through the audit.

Which location is audited if we have several locations in our record?

The audit would normally be conducted at your main location as shown on your Global Energy record. However, at a buyer’s request, you could be requested to have the audit at one of the other locations.

Why might my scores have reduced since my last audit?

Achilles introduced a new Global Energy IAS Verify report and scoring model in January 2020, based on IOGP423-01 Contractor HSE Capability Assessment Guidance.

At the back of the Global Energy IAS Verify report there is detailed assessment guidance for each of the scoring questions (extract below) which are used to score the report.

The new protocol scoring model for the HSE element is based directly on IOGP 423 guidance, and we have created new aligned scoring guidance for the Quality and Competence and Training elements for the two-day audit, also aligned to the IOGP model.

As the guidance has strict compliance requirements to be met for each of the 0%/30%/60%/100% scoring bands, we have noted that suppliers are achieving lower scores when audited against the new protocol, compared to the previous scoring model (pre January 2020).

This reduction in score is, generally, not a reflection of a supplier’s management systems/level of implementation etc., rather a consequence of the new scoring protocol, where 60% is seen as compliant and anything over that is exceeding the ‘acceptable’ requirements.

For reference, IOGP representatives and the Global Energy IAS Verify buyers have requested Achilles to adhere to the IOGP 423-01 guidance, including the assessment/scoring model, as closely as possible.

Global Energy IAS buyers have been made aware of the new scoring model and the associated reduction in scoring, which will allow them to take this into consideration when benchmarking supplier Global Energy IAS Verify report scores.

How can we improve our scores?

A Supplier has several options to improve the scores, and all will involve demonstrating through evidence.

  • Evidence based Improvement Plan Submission: A desk evaluation of the improvement plan after the audit along with any supporting evidence
  • Supplier re-audit within 3 months from the original audit date: This option will involve a visit from the auditor to review specific changes introduced in the last 3 months; normally this would be a half day or full day visit depending on the amount of changes
  • A full audit before the two-year renewal

There are fees associated with each of the options that will be charged to the supplier.

Although the scores are not affected, suppliers can provide an Improvement Plan for upload to their record at any time. There is no cost for this service.

Who has access to my Achilles Global Energy IAS Verify report?

Through the database, the Achilles Global Energy IAS Verify report will only be accessed by the Verify buyers who pay for the service. You can find the full list of these buyers by going to the Verify Participation Report option of your Achilles Global Energy registration.

Updated on 3rd April 2023

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