Suppliers: Preparing for an audit

Why do I need to have an audit?

You may be required to have an audit because of the services that you carry out. Using a risk model, your customers identify their suppliers who potentially pose the highest level of risk as a result of the activities or services they provide. The audit gives them a deeper level of assurance prior to working with you.

Will we be audited?

Depending on the information you’ve supplied and the criteria of your community and the buyers who are interested in your business, we may need to conduct an audit. Audits are one of the best ways to give potential buyers the highest level of assurance.

What is covered by an Achilles audit?

We have worked with your customers to develop industry specific audit protocols which cover a variety of topics. Typically, all audits will include some aspect of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility.

When should I book my audit?

For some audits you may be contacted by your customer or by an Achilles Supplier Account Manager to book your audit. Our Scheduling Team will work with you where required to pick a suitable date for an Auditor to visit you.

It is advisable to book your audit as far in advance as possible due to demand and also to give you adequate time to prepare.

Where can I view the criteria for my upcoming audit? 

Full audit protocols are available to help you prepare for your audit. Just email where one of the team will send over the protocol you need to help you best prepare for the assessment.

Do I have to have a site available for my audit?

For some of our audit programmes we do require a working site for our Auditor to visit. Whilst this is not a requirement for all communities it is likely that your Auditor will like a tour of your work premises or office.




Updated on 6th October 2021

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