Suppliers: Manage Subscriptions

If you are set up as a User Administrator for your organisation you will have the ability to manage subscriptions and make payments. Click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’ under the cog icon at the top right of the screen. For more information about how to assign the User Administrator role, please see the separate Manage Users section of this guide.

The Subscription Management page allows you to see your invoices and your subscriptions. It also allows you to complete renewals, upgrade your access and add Networks/Communities. Note that you will also see Notifications relevant to your subscription in the Dashboard.

Your Invoices

Outstanding and paid invoices are listed in this section. New invoices will automatically be generated if you choose to upgrade your account, and when the renewal date is approaching. Any credit notes will also be shown here. You can download your invoices if required. The total balance outstanding is shown below the table, and if you proceed to make an online payment, this is what your card will be charged in the currency displayed.

Your Subscription

This section lists the Networks/Communities that you are subscribed to, the level of membership you have, as well as any available Extras, such as Supplier Notice. You will see the available membership levels in the matrix under Your Network. Note that you may be ineligible for downgrades because your organisation exceeds risk thresholds agreed with the Network. Thresholds can be determined by factors including annual turnover and number of products/services supplied.

You can upgrade your membership level within your existing Networks/Communities by clicking in the empty check boxes. To add Networks, please click on Add Network. You will then be taken through a series of screens that show you the options and the appropriate membership level for your organisation. The process is similar to the MyAchilles joining process. Please see that section of this Guide for more details.

Making your payment

When you are happy with your selections, or simply wish to process your renewal, click on Continue at the bottom of the screen, or Print Quote if you need pre-approval from your finance department. On clicking Continue you will be asked to accept terms and conditions before confirming the purchase. A new Invoice will be generated and added to the Your Invoices list. You can then click Pay Online Now to complete the purchase with a bank card. Otherwise, you can download the Invoice and get it paid via your usual company process. Note that you will only gain full access to your upgraded features when the payment has completed. Card payments will trigger automatic renewal payments unless you cancel your subscription in the meantime.

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Updated on 7th January 2022

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