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This user guide covers the new version of Supplier NOTiCE developed for the MyAchilles platform. The service is now known as Opportunities within MyAchilles and its key features are as follows:

    • Provides access to all higher-value public sector tender opportunities in the UK and Europe. Sourced from Find a Tender Service (UK) and OJEU (EU)
    • Data refreshed overnight by API feed, including new opportunities and data updates to existing opportunities.
    • Subscribers see suggested opportunities based on matches between the products and services they have registered with Achilles and the CPV codes used in the opportunities.
    • Search all opportunities by keyword and via filters.
    • Follow, track and filter on individual ‘followed’ opportunities of interest
    • Save and re-run up to 5 searches
    • Receive emails when you have new suggested opportunities, when followed opportunities are updated, and when new opportunities match your saved searches.

Add Supplier NOTiCE to your existing MyAchilles account

If you are an existing MyAchilles user, you can add Supplier NOTiCE via the settings cog in the header menu

Please Note – Only certain communities can add Supplier NOTiCE as an extra directly to the existing account including: SupplyLine, UVDB, SSE, FPAL, Oil and Gas Europe and Achilles Network.

If you belong to any other community, not mentioned above, you will need to subscribe to one of the above mentioned communities. You are able to join the Achilles Network on a Member level for free.  Jump to the Achilles Network section for more details on how to add Supplier NOTiCE to this network.

    • Login to your MyAchilles account
    • Click on settings cog
    • Access Manage Subscriptions
    • On the subscriptions page, go to the ‘Extras’ section, click on add Extra
    • Click on Supplier NOTiCE
    • Click continue and accept the terms and conditions
    • Pay the annual fee
    • To activate, log out and then login again to refresh the page and enable access


Join MyAchilles on the Achilles Network for free and subscribe to Supplier NOTiCE

If you are not an existing MyAchilles user you can subscribe to the Achilles Network for free on Member level (see section Achilles Network) and then follow the same instructions (as above) to add Supplier NOTiCE to your subscription.

Note – if you are an existing user of MyAchilles but not part of a network that provides access to Supplier NOTiCE, which include Link up, Oil and Gas Africa, Building Confidence and Automotive – you would still need to join the Achilles Network in order to access.

Already subscribed to Supplier NOTiCE on a different Achilles platform

If you are already subscribed to Supplier NOTiCE you will be able to access the new Opportunities service through the main menu in MyAchilles.

Header Bar

Once you click on Opportunities in the main menu you will be directed through to the Opportunities listing page, and the ‘Suggested for you’ tab.

  • Return to MyAchilles – If you want to go back to MyAchilles home, click on the red ‘A’ in the top left corner.
  • Logout – you can logout by clicking on the ‘person’ icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Change language – switch interface language by clicking on the ‘EN’ icon in the top right corner.

This will change the language of the interface and the language of the opportunity data, if available.

Please note: Changing the language here only changes it in Opportunities and does not affect the language you have set in rest of MyAchilles. Opportunities will default back to your MyAchilles language when you login again.



Please Note: To activate all filters and search across all opportunities you need to be in ‘All’ tab. 

Down the left-hand side of the screen you will see the following filters:

Process stage: The stages in the opportunity/tender cycle are simplified as follows.

  • Planning: Opportunities in planning stage, prior to any competition being launched.
  • Tender: Opportunities with tender details published and open to competition.
  • Award: Opportunities where awards have been announced.

Contract Location: This filter works only at country level. Start typing in the name of the country and select when found. Multiple entries can be added. You can remove a country filter by clicking the ( – ) remove button.

CPV Code: CPV stands for ‘Common Procurement Vocabulary’ and is the code taxonomy used by the European Union to describe standardised products and services. It is used both by OJEU and by the UK’s Find a Tender service. Add CPV code filters typing in description text or code number and selecting appropriate entries. Remove code filters by clicking the ( – ) remove button.

Currency: This filters for the currency that the opportunity is denominated in.

Contract value: The slider allows filtering by total contract value, using the currency selected above.

Closing date: Filter by tenders that are closing within 1 month, 2 months, 2 months+ and 6 months+

Sort using the ‘Order By’ button on the right-hand side above the opportunities in the list –most recently updated, closing date and highest contract value.

Reset Filters – The rest filters button only appears when filters are applied. Any filters you have selected can all be removed by clicking the reset filters button. Once filters are removed, the reset filters button disappears.

‘Suggested For You’ tab

The default Suggested for you tab lists opportunities in planning or tender stage whose CPV product codes map to the product and service codes that your organisation has registered in MyAchilles. If you amend your codes in MyAchilles this will be reflected in the suggested opportunities.

Please note – Amend your company’s registered product and service codes in MyAchilles via the Questionnaire.

‘Following’ tab

You can highlight and follow any number of opportunities that are of interest to you. Simply click on the star at the right of the item to highlight in yellow. You can also follow by clicking into the opportunity and using the red Follow button.

If you follow an opportunity you are tracking the opportunity throughout its tender lifecycle and you will receive an email alert every time that opportunity is updated and something has changed (please refer to section 9 – Notifications and Emails).

For example, if an ‘Opportunity you are following is in planning stage and then changes to tender stage, you will be alerted via email.

Opportunities that you have highlighted will be listed when you click on the ‘Following’ tab. To unfollow an opportunity simply click again on the star or the Follow button.

Please note – Followed opportunities are set at a user level, so the emails are only received by the corresponding user.

‘All’ tab

Clicking into this tab will show all opportunities stored in the system and activate all filters. Use this tab to conduct a wider search and to see opportunities which are in the award or contract process stage.  

Opportunity Details Page

To see more details of an opportunity click on its title in the listing page.

For each opportunity, the following data is shown where available.

  • Buyer name
  • Opportunity title
  • Summary
  • Last published: the date the opportunity was last updated with a fresh notice
  • Process stage: This is the contracting process where the process stage can be either Planning, Tender or Award.
  • Status: Whether the opportunity has a status of ‘Planning, Planned, Active, Cancelled, Unsuccessful, Complete or Withdrawn’
  • Procurement method: includes a combination from two lists
  • Procurement Method: Open, Limited, or Selective
  • Procurement Method Details:
  • Open procedure
  • Competitive procedure with negotiation
  • Restricted procedure
  • Negotiated without publication of a contract notice
  • Award procedure without prior publication of a call for competition
  • Negotiated procedure with prior call for competition
  • Procedure involving negotiations
  • Negotiated
  • Restricted
  • Competitive dialogue
  • Innovation partnership
  • Award procedure with prior publication of a call for competition
  • Closing date: When the competition closes
  • Language: The original language the opportunity was published in.
  • Opportunity ID: Source system ID for the opportunity
  • Source: Where the opportunity was published – eg Find a Tender Service or OJEU. There is also a URL link to the full details of the opportunity in its source system.
  • Value: The total projected contract value of the opportunity.
  • Commodity codes: The CPV commodity codes applicable to the opportunity.
  • Buyer details: The official name of the principal buyer, plus contact details.

Saved Search and Tailored Emails

Saved searches allow you to tailor the opportunities you are alerted to. You may wish to use these instead of the default ‘Suggested for you’ emails if the latter are not precise enough. To save a search you simply need to:

  • Go to the All tab listing
  • Run a search using keywords and/or filters
  • Click on the right-hand menu (three horizontal lines) and Save Search
  • Name your search
  • You can re-run the search by clicking in the keyword search box and choosing from the listed items
  • You can delete the search by clicking the ‘x’ to the right of the name of the search

Please note: You can save up to five searches

  • Once a saved search is created, every time a new opportunity is published that matches it you will receive an email
  • If you would prefer to not receive saved search emails, please see go to notification settings (see next section)

Notification Emails

By default:

  • You will receive a daily email alert when there are new suggested opportunities based on your company’s registered product and service codes
  • You will receive an email each time that a followed opportunity is updated
  • You will receive an email if there is a new opportunity matching a saved search

Notification settings allows you to switch on or off the different types.

Access ‘Notification Settings’ via the right-hand menu (three horizontal lines).

User Access to Opportunities

All users for your organisation on MyAchilles will receive access to Opportunities automatically. To grant users access to Opportunities you therefore need to add them to your MyAchilles account. To do this a user with admin access should go to the Manage Users screen in MyAchilles. Adding a new user generates an invitation email, and the user then needs to click through and complete their registration. Users can be removed from your organisation’s account (and thus from Opportunities) via the same screen.



Updated on 6th October 2021

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