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The questionnaire holds the core of your data on MyAchilles. You must complete the questionnaire and pass validation requirements in order to become visible to Buyers in search. Some content you will see is sector- or industry-specific, while some content is common across all communities. Where multiple networks/communities want the answer to the same question, you will only need to answer the question once.

You can check on the status of your questionnaire on the Supplier Profile (see separate section). The questionnaire is valid for 12 months from date of publication; you will receive notifications via the dashboard and email when updates are due.

Viewing and Editing Questionnaire

You can view the draft version of the questionnaire, if one exists, by accessing your questionnaire either via the top left-hand menu or via the questionnaire – draft module on your dashboard. To view the published version of the questionnaire as seen by Buyers, access the questionnaire via the questionnaire module on your organisation’s profile page.

Below is a short video providing an overview of questionnaire. During the video we highlight some key features of the system as well as taking a closer look at specific sections of the questionnaire.

To view the content of a questionnaire section, click on the section row to open the section. Alternatively, click on the three-dot ellipsis to the left of the section; you can use the eye icon to open the section or click on the download icon to download it. The download will only include the questions and responses currently visible in the questionnaire.

If you have edit rights, can update your questionnaire by accessing it either via the top left-hand menu or via the questionnaire – draft module on your dashboard (only available when editing is in progress). Click on the three-dot ellipsis to the left of each section and then on the pen icon to edit. If you do not have edit rights, you will not see the pen icon.

Note that the questionnaire auto-saves your responses, so you can complete it in multiple sessions. All sections must be completed before the questionnaire can be submitted for review. You will receive a notification in the dashboard when the review process is complete, and your questionnaire has been published for Buyers.

Question types

Within the questionnaire there are various types of questions you should be aware of:

  • Repeating questions are those that are replicated multiple times. You should click on the add icon to add another set. Examples include financial information for multiple or years or multiple contract references.
  • Evidence-based questions require an upload of evidence. You will see an upload icon.
    Conditional questions are triggered by your answers to earlier questions. For example: Can it be demonstrated that this QMS has undergone any third-party assurance (e.g.: audit) or certification to ISO 9001:2008 or equivalent? If the answer of this question is ‘yes’, additional questions will appear that ask for details of the Awarding Body and the expiry date of the certification.
  • Reusable-response questions are shown with a link icon. These allow you to pick responses used for similar questions elsewhere rather than re-entering each time. One example of this is contact addresses. If the answer you want to use does not exist in the list of available options, you can add it by clicking the plus icon. To edit an existing answer, use the ‘Unlock’ button; be aware that any changes you make will apply wherever the answer you are editing is used.

Questionnaire Status

The top of the questionnaire navigation page provides information about the current status of your organisation and the degree to which the version of the questionnaire you are viewing you are viewing is up to date.

The Status indicator refers to your organisation’s status regarding completion and submission of the Questionnaire.

  • In Progress: You are completing your organisation’s draft questionnaire for the first time and have not yet submitted it for review.
  • Editing: You are viewing the draft version of your questionnaire. This status differs from ‘In Progress’ because there also is a published version of your questionnaire that Buyers can view.
  • Submitted: You are viewing the draft version of your questionnaire, which has been completed and submitted. You are awaiting feedback from Achilles regarding its publication.
  • Review Required: You are viewing the submitted draft version of your questionnaire. Issues have been raised and you need to address the issues before you resubmit it.
  • Published: You are viewing the validated and published version of your questionnaire.
  • Update Due: You are viewing the published version of your questionnaire, which is now close to its expiry date.
  • Expired: You are viewing the published version of your questionnaire and it has been more than 12 months since it was last published.
  • ‘Last Published’ shows the date when your organisation’s questionnaire was last successfully validated and published by Achilles in its entirety. ‘Review Due’ shows the date when the next update needs to be completed. You must update and submit your questionnaire at least once every 12 months.

Section statuses

Each section of the draft questionnaire has an accompanying status indicating degree of completion.

  • Not started: This will appear if you are new to Achilles, or have joined an additional Community, and have not yet started answering questions in the section.
  • In Progress: This indicates that a section has been started, but there are one or more mandatory questions yet to be answered.
  • Completed: All mandatory questions have been completed within the section.

Review and publication

When all mandatory questions and all sections are marked as Completed, you can click on the Submit for Review button, which will send the questionnaire to Achilles’ team of validators.

Your submission will be reviewed, and a notification will be generated when this is complete. If there are no issues with the submission, your questionnaire will be published and become available to Buyers. You will receive a notification, your questionnaire’s status will be ‘Published’ and you will see new ‘Last Published’ and ‘Review Due’ dates.

If problems were identified, the questionnaire’s status will be set to Review Required and the sections you need to check will be highlighted. You will receive a notification in your dashboard and your organisation’s designated questionnaire Contact will receive an email. Prompts will also appear in the relevant sections of the questionnaire navigation page.

  • Click on a section that is highlighted with the ‘Alert’ bell icon.
  • Each question that has had an issue raised will be highlighted.
  • Click on the ‘View Issue’ link to see the comment left by the Data Checker.
  • Make the necessary updates and save the section.
  • Once all issues have been addressed, resubmit the questionnaire.


If you need further assistance to complete your questionnaire, please contact your Guru, or get in touch

Updated on 6th October 2021

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