Supplier: Understanding Your Metrics

Supplier Metrics

The supplier metrics highlight buyer activity within MyAchilles and include a cyber risk rating for your organisation. The cyber risk rating is provided by Orpheusa leading cyber threat intelligence and rating provider. Please visit Orpheus Cyber for further information. 

The metrics include:

Buyer Organisations on MyAchilles

 Total Buyer organisations subscribed to MyAchilles across all networks. Note that there are many additional buyers working with Achilles via older systems.  

Buyer Searches in the past 30 days

 Total searches for suppliers executed across all networks on MyAchilles.  

Buyer Organisations in your Networks

 Total buyer organisations in your Networks. Note this does not react with the network switch. 

Request Information events in the last 12 months

 Total events launched by buyers in MyAchilles.  

Your Cyber Risk Rating

 Achilles has partnered with third party Orpheus to provide you with a score reflecting the vulnerability of your company’s online presence to cyber attack. Orpheus combines different analyses of threat profiles and weaknesses in your organisation’s online systems. The score is out of 1000, with 0 being the lowest risk. If you would like to learn more, click on the ‘Improve your Rating’ button to be taken to the Orpheus website, where there are methodological details and an invitation to buy a full report. 

Updated on 12th January 2022

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