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Messaging allows Buyers and Suppliers to communicate directly with each other about open Events. As a Supplier you may want to request more information from the Buyer about the opportunity.

Access Messaging in the header bar by using the envelope icon. A counter on the icon shows how many unread messages you have. You can reply to Buyers’ messages about Events here. Alternatively, you can initiate a conversation with a Buyer about an open Event by navigating to that Event and selecting ‘Message’ from the ‘Actions’ menu. The message you send will only be seen by the Buyer, not by other Suppliers invited to the Event. The message header contains the Buyer organisation name and the Event name. Enter your message and when complete, ‘Send’.

You can manage your messages by flagging, filtering and searching by keyword.


  • By Organisation: The first icon in the left-hand panel allows you to filter messages by organisation. Click for a list of organisations and use the search box to limit by keyword. Clicking on the organisation shows the filtered list of conversations.
  • By People: Click on the Person icon for a list of message senders, who can then be searched by keyword.
  • By Event: The third icon allows messages to be narrowed down by the Event they are related to. Note: You can use the search box at the top of the list not only to search for event names, but also for events that you “own”.
  • Flagging: The fourth icon allows you filter for conversations you have flagged.
Updated on 12th January 2022

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