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Request Information

About Request Information

Request Information’ is a tool that enables buyer organisations to ask supplementary questions.  Questions may be asked specifically about upcoming opportunities or to obtain information to supplement questions they have already asked within the ‘Questionnaire’ as part of the registration process.

The buyer who initiates the ‘Request Information’ event will use responses provided in the ‘Questionnaire’ as part of their initial selection criteria.  It is therefore important that you keep your organisation’s ‘Profile’ up to date and you have a valid Achilles subscription.

The Request Information Event

A ‘Request Information Event’ comprises of two main sections

  • Event Details’ contains key information and guidance about the event including supporting documentation, deadlines and contact information.
  • ‘Questions’ to help buyers compare and evaluate responses, the buyer sets the response format to questions.

Response formats to questions

  • Free Text’: respond in free text, no attachments
  • Document Upload’: respond only with an attachment (note; supported file extensions include xls, .xlsx, .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .ppt, .pptx & .pdf and a maximum file size of 30MB is applied to each file)
  • Single Answer’: respond from a pre-defined list with a single option e.g. yes or no
  • Multiple Answers’ provide multiple responses from the pre-defined list

Event Statuses

Events will be one of two statuses:

  • ‘Open’ an ‘Event’ that has been issued by the buyer organisation and is within the specified deadline.
  • ‘Closed’ an ‘Event’ that has passed the deadline date.

‘Event Statuses’ are visible in both the ‘Request Information’ homepage and also visible within the event itself

Response Statuses

The ‘Response Status’ is defined by a combination of whether interest is registered and / or whether a response has been provided; below are the list of ‘Response Statuses’.

  • Invited’: the buyer organisation has sent the event, but a response has not been provided
  • ‘Interested’: supplier has registered an interest, but no response has been provided
  • Not Interested’: the supplier organisation has registered as not being interested in the event
  • In Progress’: the event is being populated with a response but has not been sent back to the buyer
  • No Response’: no response has been provided to the buyer
  • ‘Responded’: a response has been sent to the buyer

Registering Interest’ to register interest or change interest in an event, locate and select the ‘Actions’ button in the top right corner of the Request Information Event’

Changing interest in an event

  • Changing from ‘Interested’ to ‘Not Interested’ – select the ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Register as not interested’. Note: a padlock will be visible next to the questions preventing any response from being provided – any previously submitted responses will be cleared.
  • Changing from ‘Not Interested’ to ‘Interested’ – select the ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Register interest’. The event is now ‘unlocked’ and responses may now be submitted.

Download an Event

To download a ‘Request Information Event’ into Excel, select the ‘Download’ option within the ‘Actions’ button located in the top right-hand corner of the event.

Updated on 22nd July 2019

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