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Profile and Compliance

How do I update my profile?

Please see all sections below detailing how to update sections of the profile

Company Details

You are able to edit Trading Address and contact information within the Profile.

You are also able to change the logo.

You cannot however change the Company name or the Company ID as these are pulled through from the main questionnaire.


Buyer Profile View

When a buyer finds your organisation in their search results, they will see your profile first. This provides more detailed information about your organisation, as well as links to your latest published questionnaire, your view of your profile is based on what the buyer sees.


Current Audit

If you are not required to complete an audit the box will display ‘Not Applicable’.

Where your organisation has completed an audit the details will be available on your profile, including your ‘Report’ and ‘Audit Status’

  • If your Audit section is showing a ‘tick icon’, then your organisation’s audit is current.
  • If you have an ‘explanation mark icon’ this means that your audit is out of date and a new audit will need to be completed to improve this status.
  • If you have a ‘cross icon’ this means that you are required to have an audit, but haven’t had one yet, you would need to undertake an audit to receive a tick icon.

To view the full details of the audit, including scores and reports, click on the audit details link.


Historic Audits

If you have historic audits the details of each can be accessed by clicking on the view (eye) icon.


The compliance section indicates whether your organisation is compliant to work in the community, based on the information you have provided.


  • If you have a tick this means that you have completed the level of assessment required and your organisation is compliant.
  • If you have an ‘explanation mark icon’ this indicates that your organisation has not met the level of assessment required.


Subscription Compliance

The different levels of subscription compliance levels are:

  • Member = (Level 1 in the previous Supply – Line system)
  • Silver = (Level 2 in the previous Supply – Line system)
  • Silver+ = (Level 3 in the previous Supply – Line system)


To be compliant you with your subscription you must have obtained the subscription level that was requested after completing the classification questionnaire.

This must also be in date.


Questionnaire Compliance

To be compliant you with your questionnaire you must have completed all sections of the questionnaire to the compliance level required. The questionnaire must also be in date.


Audit Compliance

To be compliant with Audit you must have completed the correct Audit level assigned and this must also be in date.


Buyer Specific Questions Compliance

To meet the required level of compliance required to work with specific buyers you must complete and have published the ‘buyer specific questions.

Access to Questionnaire

Click on questionnaire button in the top right corner of the profile to access the editable and published versions of the questionnaire.


Please note that if you do not keep your questionnaire details up to date, this information is displayed to buyers via your organisation’s profile and questionnaire, so it is important to keep this information updated.

Updated on 8th October 2019

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