Suppliers: Preparing for a Virtual Audit

Will my virtual audit be recognised by my customers?

We’ve sought approval from buyers and steering groups to deliver virtual audits during the current crisis. The buying organisations have agreed to recognise virtual audits as they would do if it was a face-to-face audit.


Can I extend my accreditation until after lockdown ends and then have the audit?

Whilst the buying community understand that we are in unprecedented times and our ways of working have changed drastically they have still placed an emphasis on the importance of HSEQ & CSR management systems being maintained during this period. The audit provides them with confidence that work can commence quickly and to the same high standards they have come to expect.

The benefit of completing the audit now means that when work does commence you can focus on that work and not the audit. We’re also aware of several tender opportunities that have recently been released by the buying community.


A lot of our documents are held at our office or by other people will this impact us?

We recognise that some documents and records might be held at your office and not accessible at the present time. Our Auditors will ask to see the procedures that relate to this evidence and will simply record an observation to explain why the record couldn’t be viewed at the time of audit.

For documents held by other people, we always recommend that you share the meeting invite with any of your colleagues who might be able to support the assessment. The meeting link we send to you can be sent to anyone that would normally be involved in your audit such as Human Resources.


I have the evidence for the audit but it’s all in hard copy, how can I share it with you?

For any hard copy documents there are some great (free) mobile phone scanning apps out there. A number of our Auditors use the Scanner App which turns photos into scanned/photocopies which can then be forwarded to an email address or saved.


What about Data Protection and GDPR?

We treat our virtual audits in same manner as our face-to-face audits. We won’t record the call, and nor will we request you send us any information unless you wish to do so. We are also happy to view redacted documents if you are concerned about sharing personal information.


What happens after the audit?

When the audit is complete, we will upload the audit report onto the system, and you will have access to your report and certificate as you would normally. For UVDB Verify customers requiring a site audit, the report and certificate will have a zero-score attributed to the site element until this is completed. As soon as restrictions on movement are relaxed, we will arrange a site visit with you.


Technical Requirements

Do I need a camera or speaker to complete the audit?

There’s no requirement for you to have a camera on your computer and we have completed the audit using a mobile phone discussion on speaker phone while information is shared on the screen. The audit is easier to complete if you do have a speaker on your laptop but there are alternatives available.


Do I need additional software on my computer for the audit?

Before carrying out the audit our Auditor will discuss the best software (Microsoft Teams, Skype, Dropbox, GoToWebinar etc.) that we can use to complete the audit. The great thing about Microsoft Teams is that you don’t need the software on your computer as we will send you a link.


Would we be able to trial the software beforehand?

Our Auditors are happy to accommodate a trial of the software with you so that on the day of the audit things go smoothly. When your Auditor is assigned to you please do not hesitate to get in touch with them to request a trial.


I don’t mind having the audit, but the house is very noisy with children/pets is this ok?

Like you, we are also working from home and adapting to the trials and tribulations that come with it. Many of our Auditors have children and pets and we have absolutely no problem with you having the same. Just like a face-to-face audit we know things come up such as calls throughout the day and we consider this to be the same thing.


Updated on 6th October 2021

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