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This is your landing page in MyAchilles, a central access point for Notifications and data about your Supplier network(s). You can return to the Dashboard at any time by clicking on the red Achilles ‘A’ icon in the header bar.

On the ‘Dashboard’ you will find the following modules.


If you have chosen to follow either individual Suppliers or Commodity Codes, you will see the resulting Notifications here. See separate Search section of the User Guide for information on how to set these up. Notifications are triggered when:

  • Followed Suppliers’ Questionnaires are republished or expire.
  • There is a new Supplier of followed Commodity Codes, or a Supplier ceases to provide them.

Notifications are shown ordered by date, most recent first. Click on the ellipsis next to a Notification and then the cross icon to dismiss it. For each Notification you will see the name of the Supplier, a description of what has triggered it, the type of Notification and the date received. Clicking on the eye icon from the ellipsis will take you to the relevant Supplier Profile.

View All Notifications

Click View All Notifications (or Notifications in the main menu) to browse your Notifications in a full screen list. The table can be sorted by clicking on column headers, and filtered using the control at the top and keyword search.

Manage Notifications

You can adjust your followed items by clicking Manage Notifications (also available by clicking Manage Notifications in the Settings cog menu). Followed items can be removed by clicking on the cross icon. There are two separate tabs for Suppliers and Codes.

Payment Notification

You will receive notifications when payment is due and overdue – failure to respond will result in your subscription expiring, which means your organisation will no longer be visible to Buyers. A notification will also be issued when any of your subscriptions expire.

Questionnaire Notification

See separate section for a full description of the Questionnaire interface. The following notifications related to the status of your Questionnaire will appear:

  • When your Questionnaire remains incomplete and requires submission before you will be visible to Buyers on the platform.
  • When clarification or more information is required following review by Achilles.
  • When your Questionnaire has been successfully published and you are visible to Buyers.
  • When there is expired information within your Questionnaire that requires update.
  • When it is time to update your Questionnaire (12-month cycle)
  • When your Questionnaire is about to expire, and you are on the verge of becoming invisible to Buyers.
  • When your Questionnaire has expired, and you are no longer visible to Buyers or published

Request Information Notification

For a full description of the Request Information functionality, see separate section. Notifications related to Request Information Events are as follows:

  • When you have been invited to participate in an Event and the Buyer would like you to provide more information.
  • When you have been excluded from an Event where the Buyer has decided to inform you of your exclusion. This is usually when this is a Regulated Procurement Event. Clicking on the notification will enable you to view which of the Buyer’s search filters excluded you.

A Request Information event notification will disappear from the dashboard once the Event closes.


This module shows how much of your organisation’s Supplier Profile information has been completed. The ‘About Us’ textsocial media links and company logo are updated separately from the Questionnaire and serve to publicise your company in Buyer searches. A green tick will appear when content has been supplied. To complete the content, go to your Supplier Profile and use the functions available there (see separate section). Click on the View button to see your Profile as it appears to Buyers.  

Questionnaire – Draft

This dashboard module provides direct access to the draft view of your Questionnaire if you currently have an unpublished version. The current status of the draft Questionnaire is shown as one of: ‘In Progress’, ‘Submitted’ (in the validation process) or ‘Review Required’. Note that the last-published version of your Questionnaire will remain visible to Buyers until the draft is published and overwrites it. To view the current published version that Buyers see, you should open the Questionnaire from your organisation’s Profile page. 

The Progress section indicates the number of sections you have completed within the draft Questionnaire. 

Certificates and Stamps

This module provides access to the certificates and stamps that you can use to promote your Achilles membership and assurance. Registration certificates and stamps will be available to download when your organisation has a valid subscription and maintains a published Questionnaire for the Network/Community.  

Audit certificates and stamps will be available to download where your organisation has a valid audit, as well as a valid network subscription and published Questionnaire. 

A stamp usage guide is also included in the download. Where no certificates or stamps are available for your organisation, the download will only contain this usage guide. 

Updated on 24th June 2021

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