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This is your landing page in MyAchilles, a central access point for Notifications and data about your Supplier network. You can return to the Dashboard at any time by clicking on the red Achilles ‘A’ icon in the header bar.

On the ‘Dashboard’ you will find the following modules.


If you have chosen to follow either individual Suppliers or Commodities, you will see the resulting Notifications here. See separate Search section of the User Guide for information on how to set these up. Notifications are triggered when:

  • Followed Suppliers’ Questionnaires are republished or expire.
  • There is a new Supplier of followed commodities/services, or a Supplier ceases to provide them.

Notifications are shown ordered by date, most recent first. Click on the ellipsis next to a Notification and then the cross icon to dismiss it. For each Notification you will see the name of the Supplier, a description of what has triggered it, the type of Notification and the date received. Clicking on the eye icon from the ellipsis will take you to the relevant Supplier Profile.

Key Metrics

The Key Metrics module gives you an insight into where Suppliers are in the registration, data update and assurance process within your Networks/Communities. This covers the wider Supplier network, beyond those who are fully published and visible in Search.  The statuses displayed range from Invited through to Published.

  • Total: This counts not only published Suppliers visible in Search, but also those who have not started, or are part-way through, their registration and qualification process.
  • Invited: The number of suppliers invited to join the Network/Community and have yet to start their registration.
  • Registering: Suppliers who have clicked through from the Invitation and entered their registration details. They have not yet started a subscription with Achilles.
  • In Progress: Those who have started their first subscription with Achilles but have either not yet submitted their Questionnaire for the first time, or have pending issues to address prior to resubmission.
  • Submitted: These Suppliers have started their first subscription with Achilles and have submitted their Questionnaire for publication for the first time. Their questionnaires are now undergoing validation by Achilles.
  • Current: These Suppliers have a valid subscription and their Questionnaire has been published within the last 12 months. They will be visible in Search. Note that while the overall Questionnaire may be current, there may be elements within such as certificates that are out of date. You can see these highlighted when viewing the Questionnaire. When Suppliers’ subscriptions are no longer valid, they are no longer be visible in Search.
  • Out of Date: These Suppliers have a valid subscription and are still visible in Search, but their Questionnaire is now overdue for an update.
  • Audited: This is the number of Suppliers that have a valid Audit – published and in date. This figure does not contribute to the Total.

Note that if you are a member of multiple Networks/Communities, you should use the Network Switch (crossed lines icon at top of screen) to control which of these are represented in the data.



Updated on 26th April 2021

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