Leverandør: Joining MyAchilles

There are two ways to join the MyAchilles platform; either by invitation or by self-registration. Suppliers joining by invitation will usually be nominated by buyer organisations. If you have received your invitation email already you should skip the first step below.


You can choose to register proactively by visiting https://www.achilles.com/find-your-new-community/. If the network you select is on the MyAchilles platform, you will be taken through to the appropriate registration page. You may have been supplied with a direct link to register by a Buyer organisation you are working with. This link will direct you to the appropriate network and will additionally register your relationship with the Buyer organisation. Once you have completed registration you will either receive an invitation email (see below) or you will be informed that Achilles will be in touch. This happens if we detect a duplicate Supplier organisation already in our system.

Respond to invitation email

Once you have received your invitation email, please click on the Get Started link. This is specific to you – do not use emails sent to other recipients. Clicking on the link will take you to a new screen inviting you to activate your account. If you already have access to MyAchilles via an existing subscription, use the Sign In link instead. Note that Internet Explorer is not supported – please use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Provide registration details

After providing a password and confirming your details, you will be presented with a list of core questions about your company that will help us to ensure you have the appropriate membership level and assurance questions. Information already held about you will be pre-populated on the form.  

Choose Networks and Product/Service Codes

If you have been invited to join a Network/Community it will be shown selected and padlocked. You can browse the links to discover other Networks you may wish to join. The Networks are grouped within wider Sectors. It is strongly recommended that the Achilles Network is part of your selection, to ensure you have the widest possible exposure to Buyer organisations.

After you have selected Sectors and Networks you will be asked to select the product and service codes that you supply. Different Networks may have different code sets for you to choose from. See our separate Code Guides to understand how the codes are structured. You can select codes at the broader third and more detailed fourth levels. Please take care to select the codes that most accurately reflect the products and services you supply. These will be used by Buyers to find you in search and involve you in procurement opportunities.

Within the extras section, you can add products such as Audit and Supplier Notice. Please see later section on Supplier Notice for further details.

The Your Subscription section will display the required level of assurance and thus subscription package) for your Communities/Networks, drawing on factors such as the products/services you supply.


Upon confirming your subscription and accepting terms and conditions, there are two options if payment is required. One is to pay in-platform using a card; the other is to request an invoice. If you select the latter option you will still be able to start using the platform immediately, but you will not be able to publish your full Questionnaire and become visible to Buyers until you have paid. The currency you will be invoiced in is shown on the screen and cannot be changed. Note that if you sign up for card payments, automatic renewal payments will be taken each year unless you ask to cancel your subscription.

Updated on 19th May 2022

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