How are fees calculated?

We have different price brackets depending on how many products or services you want to register. Above a certain number (which varies between communities) you can make as many registrations as you like without any change in price.


What does the fee cover?

  • Checking of your company information using independent, impartial verifiers
  • Sending of automatic alerts to remind you when important certification is due to expire
  • Hosting of your data
  • Capability to update company information quickly and easily in a secure online environment
  • Single data access point to submit information to buying organisations in the Community
  • Use of the Community Stamp and Certificate to support your marketing activities and for
    inclusion in tender documentation
  • Access to a unique marketing tool for your business, allowing you to demonstrate your full
    capability to supply to current buying organisations in the Community.
Updated on 17th June 2019

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