The ‘Dashboard’ is a central location where you are able to effectively manage your ‘Achilles Account’. On the ‘Dashboard’ you will find:


The ‘Notifications’ section is formed of actions you need to take.

Total Number of Notifications

There will be an indication to the total number of notifications, these can be based on a variety of subjects, including questionnaire, subscriptions, profile, request information and audit actions.

Dashboard Profile Section

  • The ‘Profile Section’ indicates how much of your ‘Profile’ you have completed.

Dashboard Questionnaire Section

  • The ‘Questionnaire Section’indicates your ‘Questionnaire Status’, this can either be: ‘Editing’ (draft), ‘Submitted’ or ‘Published’.

If you need to make changes to your published questionnaire, you can still have your current questionnaire published and another version that is in draft whilst you are still updating it (you are able to save a draft version whilst still being published).

Once the changes are complete you can submit your questionnaire to be validated.

  • The ‘Progress Section’ indicates the number of sections you have completed within the questionnaire.

See below example of the ‘Dashboard’ containing the ‘Notifications’, ‘Profile’ and ‘Questionnaire’ sections below

Dashboard View









Updated on 16th July 2019

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