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This is your tool to identify Suppliers and check their compliance status and data. Search is also central to the Request Information process and to ‘following’ Suppliers and Commodity Codes. Start by accessing Supplier Search in the main menu under the three-line icon in the header bar. 
You can view a supplier’s Profile and access their questionnaire by clicking a row in the search results or the View eye icon in the three-dot ellipsis to the left of each row. See separate sections on the Supplier Profile, Questionnaire and Audits. 

Keyword searching

The text you enter in the keyword search box will be matched against company name, Achilles ID, commodity code, commodity name, and region of supply. You can use the dropdown to the left of the box to limit your search to one of these fields. To match a whole phrase, use inverted commas as follows: “steel pipes”. 


The filters shown down the left of the screen can be used to narrow your results. They are expanded or collapsed by clicking on their headers. You will see the number of filters selected under each drawer shown in the header. Click ‘Clear All’ at the top if you want to reset all filter selections. The search results on the right will be continually updated as you add and remove filters. You can track the changing total with the animated counter, top left.

Commodity Code Filter

Filter Suppliers by the Commodities/Services they provide. Click the ‘Select codes’ link to open up the selector and then drill down to find the entries you need. You will see multiple code selectors if you have access to multiple Networks/Communities. Use the ‘ANY’ button to find Suppliers of any of the Commodity Codes selected. If you select the ‘ALL’ button, only those who supply all the specified codes will be returned. These options equate to the ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ Boolean operators. Note that you should use the ALL setting if you need to find Suppliers of a specific level 4 code – choosing ANY when you have selected a level 4 code will also return Suppliers of the parent level 3 code. 
You will see underneath the Commodity Code selectors there is the option to choose ‘Supply Type’. This allows you to specify what type of supply you are interested in for your selected product codes. You can choose between Manufacturers, Agents and Stockists. Note this distinction does not apply to service-type codes. 

Region of Supply Filter

Narrow the Supplier list by specifying which geographies they must be able to supply. The ‘ANY’ and ‘ALL’ buttons work in the same way as for Commodity Codes above.  

Country of Trading Filter

This filters by the countries Suppliers have declared in their trading address. You can make multiple selections from the drop-down list. In contrast to Regions of Supply, each Supplier will only have one Country of Trading.

Sales Revenue Filter

Narrow Suppliers by setting a range of Sales Revenue. The currencies used by Suppliers will be converted to match the currency selection you make. Revenue is shown for the last financial year recorded.

Management Systems Filter

Filter for Suppliers who have either documented or certified Management Systems in place. Certification will be to a recognised international standard. Three options are available – Quality, Health & Safety and Environment.

My Relationships Filter

This allows you to see only Suppliers who have a defined ‘Relationship’ with your organisation set up. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like more information. 

Supplier Level/State Filter

Use the supplier level filter to narrow your selection to Suppliers who have a specific subscription level. This equates to the degree of Achilles assurance they have undergone, and you may have a required threshold for procurement. Available Supplier Levels can vary by Network/Community.
The supplier state filter allows you to distinguish Suppliers who have up-to-date versus expired Questionnaires. These expire one year after the last date of publication. 

Audit Filter

With this filter you can filter by the (valid) audits held by Suppliers. These provide a higher level of assurance than the Questionnaire data. The available filter categories are Consultants/Designers, Desktop, Manufacturers/Distributors, On-Site 1-Day, On-Site 2-Day. Not all audit types are available in every Network/Community.

Search Panel View

By default, you will see the Supplier results laid out in ‘Panel View’. This brings together key data and compliance information about each Supplier and is designed to be easy to browse. If you wish to see more data and manipulate the results you should switch to ‘Table View’ with the button top right. See next section for more information. 
Aside from core information such as address, website and Annual Sales Revenue, the ‘Panel View’ view includes marketing information. Suppliers are encouraged to fill out an ‘About Us’ section that fills the main body of the panel. They can also add social media handles. 

Compliance – Panel View

In the right-hand panel you will see a Compliance module which indicates the Supplier’s Compliance with the Network/Community requirements for their assurance level. The module has tabs for each Network/Community that you have in common with the Supplier. The three indicators work as follows: 
• Questionnaire: A blue tick will show when the required version of the Questionnaire has been published and is in date (less than 12 months old). A yellow exclamation mark will show when this is not the case. 
• Audit: A blue tick will show when an Audit required for the Supplier’s membership level has been completed and is in date. A yellow exclamation mark will show when an Audit is required but it has either not been conducted or is out of date. There will be a grey dot where there is no compliance requirement for an Audit. The Supplier may still have undergone an Audit voluntarily – if so you can access this by clicking through to the Supplier Profile.  
• Membership: A blue tick will show when the Supplier has the correct, up-to-date subscription compliant with their assurance level. The latter is driven by Networkspecific rules designed to identify ‘higher risk’ Suppliers. A yellow exclamation mark will show where these conditions are not met.

Management Systems – Panel View

This module shows whether the Supplier has a certified Management System in the published version of their Questionnaire for quality, environment, and health and safety. The three states are ‘Current’, ‘Expired’ and ‘None’. You can see details of the standards in place and review uploaded certificates by opening the Supplier’s full Questionnaire. Note that this indicator checks for the date validity of certificates, a tighter definition than that used for the search filter. 

Search Table View

Toggle to Table View using the button top right.  The same Suppliers will be shown, but this time with columns containing their key data. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the header. There is a cog icon at the top left of the table which opens the Column Chooser. Here you will find additional data that is not shown in the default view. The column selections you make will be carried through to the PDF and Excel downloads. 
• Organisation Name: Supplier’s trading name
• State: Whether the Supplier’s Questionnaire is Current or Out of Date (over 12 months since last publication). 
• Audit Status: Whether the supplier has undergone an Audit, and whether it is current or expired.  • Credit Score: The credit score provided by Creditsafe, out of 100. Note this score is not available for all Suppliers. 
• Credit Score Last Updated: The date when CreditSafe published the displayed score. 
• Supplier Level: The highest level of Achilles assurance that the Supplier has subscribed to.
• Currency: Financial reporting currency.
• Annual Sales Revenue: Revenue for the last reported year. 
• Network: The Networks/Communities the Supplier is a member of.
• Achilles ID: The unique code used to identify the Supplier in Achilles’ systems.
• Management Systems: Whether the Supplier has documented or certified management systems for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety. 
• Irish Labour Law Compliant: Specific to the Supply-Line Community, this shows whether the Supplier is compliant with current labour laws in Ireland.
• Name and contact details: These refer to the designated Primary Business Contact in the Supplier organisation. Additional contacts are available within the Questionnaire. 


Select Suppliers using the radio buttons to the left of each row or select all using the radio button at the top of the list. The Download button at the top will become active. In the next modal choose your Filename and file type. The downloads will contain the same columns visible in Table View. Add more columns to see more data in the downloads. The downloaded files will include details of the search including the filter criteria applied.
Updated on 13th August 2021

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