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What information do we need to provide? How do we provide it?

Once you’ve subscribed, we’ll send you an online questionnaire to complete. This varies according to the industry and region you operate in. You can expect to be asked for details about your:

  • Products and services
  • Health and safety management
  • Environmental compliance policies
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain management
  • Carbon management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Insurances
  • Financial accounts
  • Legal compliance

As you can see, it’s a comprehensive process. It could be a good idea for colleagues in different areas of your business to start preparing information ahead of time.

How long will it take to complete the questionnaire?

If you have the required information to hand, it should only take 2 or 3 hours. You can refer to our community quick start guides to see what information you’ll need and start preparing. You’ll find this guide in the ‘resources and help’ section on your community page. If you need any help, feel free to contact your Account Manager.

Will we have to provide financial information?

In most cases, yes. Communities are all about giving buyers reasons to trust you. Knowing that you’re financially secure makes it much easier for buyers to address any questions they might have about continuity. As a result, you’re more likely to assure them.

What happens once we’ve completed the questionnaire?

We’ll then begin the process of validating the information you’ve provided. Once you’ve passed, your information will be published and made available to the community, and buyers will be able to find you in their searches.

We’ll also provide you with stamps and certificates you can use across your marketing materials to let the wider world know about your credentials.

For more tips on how to make the most of your subscription, join our Customer Success Team for a free hour-long webinar.

What if we fail an audit?

If you fail an audit you have the option to be re-audited.

My company is showing as expired. Why?

You may have forgotten to renew your subscription. Contact your Account Manager and they’ll let you know what to do next. If you can’t find the details for your Account Manager then complete this form and we will put them in touch with you.

What is our supplier ID number and where can we find it?

It’s a 5 or 6 digit number. It’ll be on your welcome email, on any of the certificates you’ve been awarded and in your company’s questionnaire.

Will a subscription guarantee us more contracts?

No. It will put you in front of buyers you might not otherwise have access to and it makes it quicker and easier for buyers to decide to do business with you. What’s more, our Customer Success Team is on hand to help you optimise your profile and make the most of the opportunities in your community. We also run networking events that can help you meet valuable contacts face-to-face.

With all that in mind, there’s a good chance you’ll win new business but, ultimately, buyers make the choices – not us.

How do buyers use the system?

Great question, especially as we aim to help you see your business through the eyes of buyers. Join our Customer Success Team for a free hour-long webinar to get a detailed demonstration of exactly how buyers use our communities to select their suppliers.

I submitted my questionnaire. Can I still edit it?

Not a problem. Contact your Account Manager and they’ll be able to help you amend it.

How are fees calculated?

We have different price brackets depending on how many products or services you want to register. Above a certain number (which varies between communities) you can make as many registrations as you like without any change in price.

Can we see the current performance status of the platform?

Yes, you can. We have a status page that provides live updates on some of our communities. You can see the current MyAchilles status online here. To view the uptime stats for MyAchille splease click here.